Distance Learning Support

Below you will find an array of support articles to help teachers, students, and parents if they use Big Ideas Math in a distance learning environment in the current school year.

Dynamic Technology

If your school or district currently uses the Big Ideas Math program, this section will help guide you through the technology resources that are available to you.

Student Resources

If you are a student or a parent of a student whose school or district uses Big Ideas Math, there are also a number of resources available to you to ensure learning continues at home. These resources do not need to be assigned by your teacher and can be accessed directly from the Big Ideas Math platform.

Support for Other Big Ideas Math Programs

If you are using the following Big Ideas Math programs and searching for resources and support please visit here.

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Math Musicals

The authors of Big Ideas Math understand the importance of storytelling and music in learning. Storytelling puts math in real-life contexts, and music helps children remember. In collaboration with storyteller Jill Larson and musician Michael Wiskar, the authors of Big Ideas Math are excited to offer Math Musicals - engaging musicals and stories that bring mathematics to life! Visit MathMusicals.com to learn more.

Order & Access Inquiries

For any inquiries into order status or digital access to the Big Ideas Math program please contact your National Geographic Learning representative by using the link below. National Geographic Learning is the exclusive distributor of the Big Ideas Math program.

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